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About Majestic Aerial


Majestic Aerial is a fun program offered to young dancers and gymnasts to use their training in a creative and enjoyable class.

Aerial is a great way to build self confidence through learning new exciting skills.

Dancers and gymnasts have the perfect background to developing aerial routines and potential to lead to a performance career.

Some of the benefits of joining in Majestic Aerial are:


Flexibility: Splits are used a lot in aerial and aerial is up off the floor gravity can assist in the passive stretch of muscles.

Core Strength: Stability is key in aerial and with specific techniques aerial can help develop core strength.

Stamina: Aerial is a holistic workout engaging all the body’s muscle groups developing fitness.

Injury prevention: Having a stronger fitter body eliminates the potential of injury aerial engages the mind and body.


Why learn Aerial?


The ever-expanding employment market for aerial artists is global in scope and increasingly diversified.


Aerial dance, in both its traditional and contemporary forms, continues to enjoy growing audiences around the world.


The employment outlook is therefore quite favourable for dancers with extensive training. 

Graduating performance artists will be able to forge careers within an international network of leading companies. 


Opportunities for artists are possible within,  Cruise Ship Industry, International festivals, Cirque Du Soleil & other companies 

It is also possible to create a niche for oneself within the corporate trade show and special events markets. 

Professional mobility and versatility makes artists attractive to all the above-mentioned sectors within the profession.


This extends to producers in other artistic disciplines seeking to integrate aerial dance within multi-disciplinary works. 



Who will be teaching Aerial?


Kym & Les are known in the industry as Majestic and their blend of ballet and gymnastics has seen them

in demand for the past 25 years as professional Adagio and Aerial specialists. 

Their appearance on TV Australia's got talent 2011 showcased their adagio and aerial acts that they have performed internationally.

Kym is a graduate of The Australian Ballet School and performed in Queensland Ballet Company, holds a Masters of Fine Arts (Dance) QUT, Certified Personal Trainer and Pilates. 


Les was competitieve Gymnasts who worked as an lead acrobat for Star Casino,Expo88. Holds a holds a Masters of Fine Arts (Dance) QUT.Full accreditation as an Advanced Gymnastics Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, pilates and Advanced Rigger.

Together they worked as a featured act with many Companies such as Royal Carribean Cruises,Norwegian Cruises,Carnival Cruises,Star Casino in production shows Innerve, Storm, Zircus. They have performed at many International and local Corporate Events.

They have created and choreographed shows; "Sensuelle" at the Power House, "Tres Chic" at La BoîteTheatre, Aerial Dance "Fasicia" for 2nd year BFA students at QUT Gardens Theatre, Opening routine forMecedes Benz Fashion Show and just recently Aerial Show for WorldCup Gymnastics 2018


Climb up and Workout

Class times: 

Monday 5pm & 6pm

Tuesday 5pm & 6pm

Wednesday 5pm & 6pm

Thursday 5pm & 6pm         

Friday 5pm & 6pm

Saturday  9:30am & 3pm     


Cost $25 pp 

* Ages from 9 to Adult 

* Dance OR Gymnastics,Cheer experience a good foundation  

*Bookings to attend essential

*Aerial Privates available please contact for details 


LES 0414 610 185

Bank Details

Acc Name: Majestic Method Pty Ltd

Acc No: 1332 2167 BSB: 064 000

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